Don’t Dare

i feel big not in de sense of weight but influence

everywhere u go i am de news

put ur hate umbrella to shield from de raining truth

no worry u drop it when u lose de strength

the game they wanna play is just a replay

and i don’t lose it this time cuz i huv seen de game many times

am worldwide but u don’t know what worldwide

cuz u live in a box that is tight and painted black

time is money and I am punctuality 

if success is a dope am always high

if failure is a dope ur always high

if I meter u down frm de ground u always remain high

If u found ma sticky notes in de ground u better run to bank

Consider ur self that u find a check that can be cashed



Crazy how I made it here you can’t even trace back from where I begin

I won’t let you have ma formula cuz they are ma own coca cola

With ma coca cola I remain globala but u remain local like tela

The recipe to success is not kissin ass but throwing back to their face

Why should I mind for peoples who don’t use their mind

For Bone heads like u only dog can understand you

If u feasts for ma loss I make sure it’s fasting season always

You take away ma dignity till I lose ma humanity

You bleed ma heart till the lost drop

But I survived, transfusing a blood with hate type

Like vampire you lose sense to ma pain when life darkens its day

I am from the tunnel where they block the light

I am from the hole where they cut the rope

I am Abel who never goes to jail & I still keep feeding my thoughts like a daily meal

No one will gone bail me except my family even though I speak for my country

They prophesized ma fate in state prison tide up with a chain

But they can’t tie my mind from minding about my nation

I report reality & I don’t sugar coat ma views for your emotions

Freedom is priceless unlike the proverb that relates Gold & Silence

Silence is not a justification to the question that will be raised by de next generation

Who is the one in the history makin and history erasin

Busy closing the door of opportunity but you forgot that I can make it through the window even in the night

they are makin noise

with their voice

not makin any sense

that’s why i love my absence in their presence

Don’t be good Abel be great

If Addis is a magazine am the cover page

If life is a magazine they are on the Wanted page for being lost

Facebook turning to fabelbook because I run all the connection map

They unplug the socket that lightens my life but ma heart run a battery as a backup

I stretch from Berlin to Cape Town you can’t even stretch from A-Z in the paper map

Blend my foundation with a concrete of dedication with a spring foundation that swings if it hit by hatequake

I get it that you won’t get it

I leave it so that you can live it

You divorce with success cuz you cheat on your seconds

i am not an actor i am real character

i don’t pretend for a happy ending script

i stunt my own part & few can dare to do that

i don’t deserve this fame i own this fame

cuz i gave you light burnin ma self in flame

look it me now how I shine I can blind you if you still staring with jealousy eyes

u drop me to de back thinkin I won’t make it to de top but how abt if I flip the bottom to de top

glad I skip all dos hypnotizing classes that adds zero to my current status

dey think dey can distance de destination for my goal

but dey don’t know I can build de goal from deep hole

it’s not a swag to pride forworking google dat you browse

for writing my views on Aljazeera that you watch their news

if success is hot, am sweatin and u freezing

am heavy u can’t move me

I allow ma self to maneuver in any direction

Dey allow demself to be maneuvered in one direction

Ma absence is bold and ma presence is gold

Hey miss surgeon why do u transplant this hate in my heart

I hide de secret in your empty mind and decrypted de code



Words are ma friends that never go away even if u run away
I build you in ma words and will own you again
Ma vocabulary is ma DNA I can modify u any way
Makes u a creature u nvr dreamed of
U shine in a day and goes dawn in de dark
Would have been a miracle if u shine boz day and night
Don’t try to play chess on ma life cuz
I say Check before u even begin to realize
I read your supposed life book with many pages missin
It’s not a book but a playboy magazine
U poisoned me with love that only dilute with sin
But it’s better than dyin as long as there is forgivn
I Prophesized our fate that ends with crushing
Fear ma dream cuz dey are just playin reality fastwarding
If i have money I have ur face and ur fake voice
feels like dey r printed on de money notes
I tattoo friendship in ma heart
To break it u have to scalp it
Can’t imagine the pain it paint
I don’t flow with de flow I got ma own course
Not crowded just sailing safe to success


i was in ur town,but culdn’t find de energy to confront ma fear to call and say let’s meet in person.
cuz am someone who
is disgraced by de many
someone whose absence and presence won’t make difference
someone who is not human enough to be called a friend
someone who ruined his self to make it more convenient why i can’t stand infront of ur face
someone whose gift is takin as a curse eventhough ma tears,sweat and blood embodies it someone u tamed so much dat can’t even run away when its stabbed back
where do i stand now
in a darker place dat makes de darker place u spotted me more brighter
in a crowd of zombies who won’t survive doomsday if Jesus arrives tonight
in a place dat blow u mind if u begin to imagine
but i stil can’t hate you
cause i accept to be trashed as my fate
since pain and loneliness is part of my five senses
cause am destined to love while hated


I rise but I fail
I smile but it last with a rain
I hope but it dive through hole
I trust but it rust
I wait but its infinity
I kiss but it stings
I open my heart but it doesn’t invite
I love and its hated
I cared but it’s feared
I runaway but close to what I am running away

Dear Mama

i have known you before i have known my self
remeber the day i met you it dates back 9 month before i knew my self
u were generous from the moment i knew you
you feed me before hunger reminds me
you let me drink before ma throats run dry
but i am mad at you cuz i left you to know ma self
after 9 month of known you i decided to leave you
remeber your tears and struggle not to let me easily
cuz you know the world won’t feed me even if i felt hungry
won’t give me a sip even if my throat runs dry with heat
now am begging you for mercy and asking you for the impossible
take me back to a place that i have lived once

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she cry when i cry and smile when i smile
praise me when i praise her only
i felt like she is in me and i was in her
but she was like a mirror only appearing when i appear to her
mirror feeling are reflections so does your emotion
mirror action are opposite to one another
the left became right the right became wrong
the up turn dawn and the good feels sorrow

Mr Ash

i vividly remember their wish
not complacent with my peace they want me always to clash
treat me while am alive as a trash
twisted and squeezed with their iron fist so that i can crush
like a hungry fox they butchered my own very flesh
friends vowed to replace my existence with dash
search and rob my words in case there is a treasure of truth i stash
blow ma head to stole my golden thoughts that can’t be leveraged with cash
they stive 24/7 so that i can vanish and my freedom voice goes hush
when tears gush from my eyes they wanna relish
they want to burn me and name me aka Mr was or Mr ash
throw my ash to sea and called everyone in a rush to mosh